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rom the end of World War II, many factors contribute to the degradation of our daily diet: progressive depletion of agricultural soils, intensive methods of cultivation and breeding, toxic treatments, modern techniques of industrial manufacture, new eating habits , low calorie diets, etc.

All of these factors add up to each other to lead to the biggest paradox of our consumer society: we eat a lot (too many calories), and at the same time we are deficient in essential nutrients, essential to our proper balance and to good health, showing diseases of civilization.

However, Aloe vera pulp is a food supplement particularly rich in amino acids, minerals, vitamins and enzymes.
essential to your WELL BEING.

Extremely rich, aloe vera contains vitamins, minerals, antioxidant polysaccharides, etc. which gives it multiple virtues of BEAUTY: anti-aging, lifting, soothing, regenerating, moisturizing, purifying, mattifying …

Aloe Vera helps NUTRITION for a better acid-base balance. Thanks to a high-quality aloe vera cure, reinforce the harmonious digestion of proteins, in the perfect respect of the acid-base balance, while detoxifying and fortifying your organism!

The essential vitamins, minerals and amino acids found in aloe vera gel are essential for the ENERGY needed for the body and mind.

Aloe vera stimulates intestinal mobility, giving it a natural laxative effect to eliminate what your body does not need. It thus improves the WEIGHT MANAGEMENT.

Thanks to its purifying qualities and its ability to reduce adipose tissue, this plant allows to feel a greater LIGHTNESS and thanks to a better metabolism of fatty acids, it also helps to burn fat better.


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