Gel Mask Aloe Vera

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Mask Gel with Aloe Vera

The Gel Mask has been formulated to optimize the natural nocturnal recovery process of the skin. It contains powerful plant ingredients to rebalance the skin’s moisture and boost its natural radiance. Quickly absorbed, it allows a sublimated and regenerated skin in the morning.

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The Sonya range has been formulated specifically to meet the needs of combination skin. It combines Aloe vera with powerful plant active ingredients. The unique gel texture allows the skin to benefit from the assets directly where it is needed.

Highlights of this mask gel with Aloe Vera

  • Optimize the cell regeneration process
  • Supports mixed skin of changing nature
  • Based on aloe vera gel and other plant active ingredients
  • Promotes a fresh and unified complexion
  • Nourishes the skin during your sleep
  • Without perfume

Benefits of this gel

The Gel Mask has a unique formula that helps regenerate your skin during the night. This beauty mask brings balance and hydration while improving your complexion.
The fresh and soothing gel quickly penetrates the skin. You will feel the immediate effect of the Aloe Vera gel and other moisturizing active ingredients like apple extract and red clover extract.
Korean bamboo extract and licorice root are two ingredients that promote soft skin and a glowing face.
 The night is the perfect time to help your skin regenerate and nourish it intensely.
That’s why this gel-based mask has been enriched with various nourishing oils,

among which are carrot seed oil, basil oil, artemisia pallens oil (davana) and soybean oil.

Using the Sonya Refining Gel Mask 

Apply on the face at night before going to bed. Leave the mask on overnight and rinse thoroughly in the morning.
Use the mask between 2 to 3 times a week.

Precautions for use:
Avoid contact with the eyes. In case of irritation rinse thoroughly with water. If irritation persists, stop using the product and consult a doctor.

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